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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Animal Class Picture!

Oooppsss...behave guys, you will be having your class picture! Don't move anymore.

Hmmm...seems that my pets are enjoying their first class picture. Yup, they enjoy this pictorial. They keep on posing for a different and unique poses!

Seems that they were complete. Yeah...this is a's Miming Negro and Friends Pictorial taken in our sweet home! But are you wondering some were missing? Yup, missing were the cuttie black kittens of Miming.

Yes, there were not here in these pictures because these pictures were taken months ago. And during that month, Miming was not yet given birth to these three cute kittens! But don't worry, I am planning for new pictorials. And during that time, you will see the three cute little kittens of Miming!

And for their next pictorials, you will see other more new friends of Miming! Yes, there were additional pets that recently joined the cool and fun dabarkads of Miming! So stay tune for more and more cool updates about Miming, her cuttie little kittens, and her batch of barkada! c",)

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