Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My First Step On Our New Office

It's been one year now since we transfer our office from our main location to the new one. Actually our company is just expanding its office adding 1 more branch. It was June (the same month we have now) last year when we have our first step in our new office location.

At first, I feel that our new place is too far. I need to ride a bus from our home, then an MRT afterwards. Thanks God, our company now provides a fully air-conditioned shuttle service.

The same building we had. Tall, modernized, freshly scent. Still, we were located on the top floor.

Being on the top, I have the chance to view the green fresh fields outside our office. I love its green trees surrounded by grass. I can see from the top of our office the complete structure, the path of the highways we always move around. Seeing these cool views gives a relaxing sight to my tired eyes. It relieves my stress from work!

I remember how our office looks like on its early days. Too plain, simple, but attractive. Look at our elevator before...still it maintains its cleanliness and neatness. Compare our workstation before, too plain but with colorful wall around. But now, compare it with my present workstation...did you see the difference? Imagine how I made creations on my workstation now. It became now a lively one!

And the first place I look at here in our office before was our pantry! Very nice and accomodative! With its great look, it speeds up your appetites. So clean...so good...hehe!

Hmmm...if you were to ask, what can you say on our office? Do you like it? Or you want to visit me here? Well, you are free to give what you have! c",)

Three Black Kittens

After Miming Negro gave birth to three black little kittens, many requested to view more and see these kittens. They get curious about these little creatures. They all wanted to see how they behave in our home as well as discover their daily activities.

Well, their wishes were granted! Since you all love the three little kittens of Miming, I will allow you to see them. Have fun as I allot this page to these amazing kittens!

Pictures can tell how active they are. Well, just like their mother you know! They love to play and roam around our white smooth vinyl floor. They keep on moving and moving around!

Too little to hold or to touch, they were not afraid to play with the other animals. Friendly is definitely the word to describe them. They wanted to join with my puppy Pupuh without any hesitation. Cats and dog, kittens and puppy...they were happily playing!

Oops...wait a minute! There's something around! "Oh mommy, mommy", the kittens shouted! "A mice...a little mice"! Hmmm... they see a tiny mice! Guess what they will do to it??? I will leave to you the answer.

What can you say about them? Did you like them the way you like their mother? If you were to choose between the kittens and their mom Miming, who will that be? Or should I say, love both of them? You have the right to give comments and suggestions! You views and points are very much appreciated!

See you once again next time for more exciting features! But before we leave, have again a quick look and snapshots to these cute tiny kittens! c",)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pupuh, The Puppy

All of us were amazed and fascinated with the 'biboness' of my black pussycat Miming Negro. We also learned to love her three little cute kittens. We all witness how they attacked our home and our kitchen.

Hmmm...if there's a cat, definitely, there is also a dog.

Now, blaze yourself as I introduce to you another friend of Miming. Let us all embrace this little cute puppy, 'Pupuh'!

See how cute he is! Pupuh is a wonderful, lovable, and huggable cute little puppy to have. He is kind and intelligent. As you saw him, you can't get over to touch or hug him.

With his light brown and smooth hair, your skin will be relax as you touch his body. Being kind and tame to everybody, everyone wishes to have him! He is safe. He didn't even bite you as you touch him!

Just like Miming, Pupuh is also an active and a 'bibo' pet. He also loves to roam around in our home. And if we're not looking, he eventually get food in our table (but not always as Miming does!). Definitely, Pupuh is a very choosy pet. He only eats bones of chicken. He didn't want the hard bones of fork or beef!

Pupuh's loveliness, cuteness, 'biboness', and activeness make our life fun and exciting. He add happiness in our home. He always relieve our stress and tiredness!

What can you say about Pupuh? Do you like him? Or even love him? He is a quiet type puppy but take note, he's mind is moving around as he was an intelligent puppy! Do you wish to touch or hug him? Or even wish to grab him?! c",)

Keep Yourself Safe From A(H1N1)

This is a friendly reminder from your best friend Miming Negro together with her kittens!

Maintain cleanliness in yourself and in your home.

Disinfect your home and your hands with a 70% solution alcohol and other disinfectants.

Keep yourself away from crowd and dirt.

Wear mask specially on crowded places like MRT, public places, malls, and other places with many people and animals.

Wear mask not only in these places but in your own homes as well to avoid the direct transfer of virus to your family specially in your kids.

Protect yourself and you love ones.

Thanks Miming for patronizing and practicing healthy habits for all of us to be safe from these contagious A(H1N1) virus. You're such a good model to all of us and to your kittens! c",)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Search For The Piggy Bank

Yesterday, I roam around the different malls and department store. Yup, after my work in my office, I imediately go to the malls near in our place. It is because my younger brother ask me to buy a piggy bank for him. He will now starting to save his money given by me. So instead of opening him a bank account, he just got decided to save some of his coins and excess allowance in a piggy bank.

But take note, he is looking for NOT an ordinary piggy bank. He is looking for the traditional piggy, a figurine piggy, made of ceramic, yup, the brittle one that needs to break when the amount of coins is full!

Hmmm...it's hard to find that one specially that we are on the comercial area. Hoping to find what he is looking for, I decided to mall hop just to find his need. And here are what I saw:

I found no piggy figurine. I found those! It's not a pig but rather other animal form. I don't exactly know if they were a cow or a monster!!

Look at this blue one. Another brittle and also like a figurine. Is this a monster with big eyes?!

Wow...a cute little piggy! Did I found now what I am looking for?

Oh my...not yet! This is not brittle, made of clay or ceramic, nor a figurine! It's a stuff toy piggy. It has a plastic inside surrounded by hairs or feathers. It's a stuff toy piggy! but it's such a cute one ha!

From SM Makati, to Toy Kingdom, to Department Stores, here now I go to Trinoma Mall! I roam around this mall looking for the one! And here I got. Piggy (but not a pig figure) bank. This time made of transparent plastic in the form of other animals!

Look at these, another made of transparent plastic. I found them inside the Land Mark Mall!

And lastly, look at the three pictures above! Still made of transparent plastic. They were so cute but they were not the one we are looking for!

Oh! The day is over! I found NO ONE! No one fits the requirements of my brother. Well, maybe in Divisoria there were many. But I have no time to go there!!!

Sad but happy, I go home. I took pictures of those cute little piggy banks to consult my brother if he like any! But as we expected, he like No one!

How the day it was! I'm so tired looking for no one! But I'm happy that I explored the different malls and surprisingly seen many cute creatures. Well, if you're the one to choose, which of the above did you like the most? Cast your votes! c",)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pussy, Pussy on the Phone!

See how 'bibo' my pussycat is...? Well, well, well no more words to describe...pictures can speak to you!

Yup, Miming didn't always stay in our kitchen. She invades even our telephone! Look at her! Maybe we can say, "talo pa'ko ni MIming Negro, mahilig sa telebabad itong pusang itim na ito ah...!
Again Miming, watch out! Our telephone bill may rise higher than our normal bill because of your frequent 'telebabad' ah! You're not only a food attacker but a phone addict as well! Hmmm...!

Oh my...I understand you my pussycat! Yeah I know...you're waiting for your three little cute kittens. Because as you can see, Miming's three little kittens were not with her. And she's waiting for these three to come home now. It's really 8pm in the evening. Yep, Miming is continuously waiting for her kittens to call her. Don't worry Miming, just keep on waiting...minutes later you'll see they will coming around!

Well, this only shows how a caring mother my pussycat is. And of course you also see how active she was. Not only foods, nor our kitchen or our dinning table were her favorite 'tambayan' but our telephone as well is her favorite! Hmmm...what can you say about her? You are free to judge her! c",)

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Animal Class Picture!

Oooppsss...behave guys, you will be having your class picture! Don't move anymore.

Hmmm...seems that my pets are enjoying their first class picture. Yup, they enjoy this pictorial. They keep on posing for a different and unique poses!

Seems that they were complete. Yeah...this is a pictorial...it's Miming Negro and Friends Pictorial taken in our sweet home! But are you wondering some were missing? Yup, missing were the cuttie black kittens of Miming.

Yes, there were not here in these pictures because these pictures were taken months ago. And during that month, Miming was not yet given birth to these three cute kittens! But don't worry, I am planning for new pictorials. And during that time, you will see the three cute little kittens of Miming!

And for their next pictorials, you will see other more new friends of Miming! Yes, there were additional pets that recently joined the cool and fun dabarkads of Miming! So stay tune for more and more cool updates about Miming, her cuttie little kittens, and her batch of barkada! c",)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Invasion of our Home IV: 'Cleanliness and Freshness in Our Home'

One thing that could describe our home is that...'cleanliness'! We always maintain our home as clean as possible...or say that, as clear as a crystal.

Starting from the floor, walls, shelves, tables, cables, sala, kitchen, bedrooms, up to the ceiling you would always see it as clean and fresh! My mom always keep our home clean. We always ensure that even the lightest dust were all wipe out! Even the air around our home smells good and fresh!

Everyday we always keep it clean. The floor is always smooth. The shelves, cabinets, and our other appliances are always look shinning and transparent. Dirt, dust, and other waste are all strictly prohibited! That is why insects, roaches, rats, mosquitoes, and other pests were all afraid to enter in our home. There is no place and space for them in our house!

Besides keeping it clean, I also ensure and maintain the design and decoration of our home. Well, as they always say, it's nice and good to live with elegance...much more with elegance, cleanliness, and freshness! We always ensure that our home is a relaxing place to live! How well you like our place? You are always free to give suggestions and comments! c",)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Invasion of our Home III: 'My Bravia'

It was December 9, 2007 during our Christmas Party when I won the Grand Prize in my previous company. And this was the 32" LCD TV Sony Bravia. Of all the employees there, I thought I was the luckiest for having this expensive TV! No more talks on the story behind winning this Grand Prize (because I already tell you and posted it here the whole story) but if you really want to know how I won, you may read again my post, "Rocky De Bravia"!

We started to use this TV only in March 2008. As expensive and as luxurious of it are the accessories needed by it. We need to avail Cable Service for this instead of the regular antenna for its reception.

Well, it's almost one year together with my new LCD TV. Many want to see it. Many want to watch movie or TV programs with matching state of the art surround sound. So, I will let you again invade our home to see my Bravia TV!

This how our Sony Bravia looks. Well on the first image, the whole image itself. On the next three, these were taken during the time I am watching a particular movie and TV Series. The first is the movie of bea Alonzo while the next two...well, I know you're familiar with it! It's the two David Garcia, JR and Dave of the hit teleserye, 'Tayong Dalawa'!

And of course, the shelf under it are the collection of my DVDs both music and movies!

Well, what can you say? Have you enjoy viewing it? Maybe next time you can visit again our home and we will watch TV together! You are free to give me your thoughts and insights! See you again once more! c",)

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