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Friday, May 8, 2009

My 'TV Series Craze' Artwork

How does it looks? Is it good? Would you like it? Or I am forgot something?

Well, that is my artwork. I created that one! This craft is the one I use now in my other blog site know as 'TV Series Craze'. Try to visit that blog. It's such a cool one. It is all about all the things you need to know about your favorite Philippine TV SEries. From our very own local Teleserye, Fantaserye, up to the hit Asianovela (Koreanovela, Chinovela of Taiwan, Manga Series of Japan) and Mexiconovela. Also included are the new versions and revivals of TV series coming from the old movies, old soap operas, hit movies, Comics, pocketbook, and Philippine version coming from the other countries.

Of course, all the genres you want were all there. From heavy drama, light-romance, romance-comedy, fantasy, and even horror, etc. were all there to enjoy.

That blog site also is so informative! Yup, I will share you all my information and trivias I know. Yeah, you will learn more from the TV series you just watch on TV.

Added to the cool stuff, There were lots and lots of pictures of all your loved most TV series. I'm sorry if I forgot some! All your favorite series were there!

From day to day also, you will be updated with the current TV ratings of your favorite TV programs. You would see how your bet TV series won in the rating game! And you could also participate in the live polls. Just click to cast your vote for the particular survey!

Well seems that we're talking to much. I just want to introduce you in my other blogsite. But then, the real point of our topic is my created artwork. Do you like it? Or say that, do you love it?! You are free to give me coments and suggestions. If I forgot some series that you wanted to post, well...we will talk about it! c",)

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