Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Pussycat Attacks our Kitchen!

It's my pussycat...! Hey, Miming what are you doing on our table?

Well, as you can see, my pussycat really loves to stay and invades our kitchen. After I let you invade our home, now my pussycat Miming Negro invades our kitchen!

She's looking at our foods. She's salivating for the goods on our table! She's craving for it and wanting to steel some! But hey Miming Negro, watch out! My mom is coming around. If she saw you on our table, well don't blame me if she did something to you. Be careful pussycat!

And there's more! Here's another one. Miming Negro is trying to get up on our table! She will steel some food specially on that night, our dinner is sinigang na bangus!. Hey, hey, hey...keep watching out Miming, my mom is coming around!

Hay! What can I say? Miming Negro is so 'matakaw' talaga!! She really eats too much and loves to stay and attacks our kitchen! Hey Miming, you're geting fatter and bulkier now. You're not sexy anymore! How can you maintain your figure?

But then, even though Miming Negro loves to invades and attacks our kitchen, she's really a wonderful and a cute pussycat to have! What can you say about her? Do you even like her? c",)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Invasion of our Home II: 'The Dinning Area'

Are you contented seeing our sala? Requesting for the next one? Well, your wish is granted! After I let you visit our sala, I will then tour you to our dinning area. Sounds yummy, smells food...food...food! I will let your appetite to judge how comfortable are you when you eat together with us.

These are the variations of our dinning area. From the early days that we transfer to our new home up to the one now with decors and paintings. Well, these are also variations of our dinning area during day or night, preparation before and after our lunch and dinner. Of course, I won't show you our messy table right after our meal!

How does it looks? Do you like it? Or do I need to put more arts in our dinning area? Do you love the colors? Or the arrangements, what will you suggest?

Our dinning area is just simple. But as they always say, "simplicity is beauty"! Would you agree? Or would you suggest to put more stuffs?

Well, have you enjoy your visit? What food will you suggest to eat and offer it for you on your next visit? Hope next time, we can eat together in our dinning area! I will tour you more in our home soon! c",)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Invasion of our Home I: 'The Sala'

We're already one month in our new home. We had just transfered last April 18. And now we're enjoying our new place, more relaxing, more cool one!

And to give you the benefits, I will allow you to invade our home. Yup, you have the right to view some of the portions of our home! c",) Be the first to see it! C'mon. Let's go.

First of all, I will tour you in our Sala. How does it look? Will you like it?

Here is our brand new sala set. Do you like the color? Well, we prefer to choose green because green is a relaxing color. The color green relieves stress and fatiques. I love to sleep there. It gives me a cooling breeze.

Beside the sofa is our side table. Our telephone was in it. So whenever I talk to the other line from a long time, it doesn't anymore makes me tire. Beside the phone is the flower base together with my Graduation photo frame and the small mini-statue of Saint Joseph!

How do you like your first invasion? Do you love it? You are free to give comments and suggestions! Well, more portion of our house will be reveal soon. So stay tune! c",)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Black Pussy Cat

Yup, she's my only pussy cat! You may call her "Miming" or often, we use to call her as "Negro"! We love her so much. My little brother is in charge to take care of her.

Our cute pussycat makes our life brighter. Even if I'm stress or fully loaded, seeing and hugging my 'Miming' relief all my tireness and stress.

What can you say about her? How does she looks? Did you like her? I'm so lucky to have a black pussy cat like her. She's such a very nice pet to have! c",)

Friday, May 8, 2009

My 'TV Series Craze' Artwork

How does it looks? Is it good? Would you like it? Or I am forgot something?

Well, that is my artwork. I created that one! This craft is the one I use now in my other blog site know as 'TV Series Craze'. Try to visit that blog. It's such a cool one. It is all about all the things you need to know about your favorite Philippine TV SEries. From our very own local Teleserye, Fantaserye, up to the hit Asianovela (Koreanovela, Chinovela of Taiwan, Manga Series of Japan) and Mexiconovela. Also included are the new versions and revivals of TV series coming from the old movies, old soap operas, hit movies, Comics, pocketbook, and Philippine version coming from the other countries.

Of course, all the genres you want were all there. From heavy drama, light-romance, romance-comedy, fantasy, and even horror, etc. were all there to enjoy.

That blog site also is so informative! Yup, I will share you all my information and trivias I know. Yeah, you will learn more from the TV series you just watch on TV.

Added to the cool stuff, There were lots and lots of pictures of all your loved most TV series. I'm sorry if I forgot some! All your favorite series were there!

From day to day also, you will be updated with the current TV ratings of your favorite TV programs. You would see how your bet TV series won in the rating game! And you could also participate in the live polls. Just click to cast your vote for the particular survey!

Well seems that we're talking to much. I just want to introduce you in my other blogsite. But then, the real point of our topic is my created artwork. Do you like it? Or say that, do you love it?! You are free to give me coments and suggestions. If I forgot some series that you wanted to post, well...we will talk about it! c",)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Workstation

These pictures were taken from my workstation. During free hours, I just took photos of my work area. How does it looks? Did it looks good?

I was the one who made designs in my area. Besides seeing photos of me around the corners, there were stuff toys, robots, mini-cars, and planner on my side. Each files and papers were also arranged accordingly. I hate mess! I have phone with ear phone of course beside my flatscreen LCD PC.

My table is so smooth and clean. Everyday before start working after my arrival, I ensure to clean or wipe my table with alcohol. Therefore it smells good. And of course, dirt and germs free! My pedestal below, it was equip not only with supplies but with lots and lots of snacks, chips, and food. But then I took them with extra care to avoid rats and other insects!

Some of my inspiring poems and literay piece was also posted in my walls. And before I forgot, I have my altar on the CPU of my PC. They just give my constant inspiration and even wipe out my stress and pressures! Added to the twist is my music and sounds on my PC whenever I'm working infront of it!

And on the other side of my wall, bravo cards and other appreciation and recognitions.

If I have more extra time, then I will rearrage my stuffs to have a better working area. Will this looks good? Well, you have your rights to judge my working place! c",)

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