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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Conducted Process Review Training

After the success of my conducted training "Fusion", I was still task to conduct another one. Last March of this year, the month of my birthday, I conducted another training for my teammates. This is called "Process Review (Revisiting our very own Process)".

Well, as the title sugested, I trained my teamates or rather say, I refreshed them with the different process we always practice in our team.

Unlike my previous conducted training, hmm...this one seems to be serious, a quiet type. Well because I conducted it one hour before going home. So all my members have in their mind is to go home not to dissect the info of the training.

But then, like my previous stuff, I included graphical and animated effects on this training. Of course with a theme song! This time my theme song for this is "No Air"!

Though a serious one, all starts well and ends well! I will then conduct my other training on the other day. This time, the Repeat of Fusion for those who haven't attended yet. C",)

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