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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is my first successful Training which I conducted to my teamates. I hosted this training as well as being the resource speaker.

I introduce new techniques in training here then give them more trivias. I also put fun games in this like the "accumulation bowl" wherein I ask a trivial question, then when someone can answer it, they will win a prize, either chocolates or gelatines. But it no one can answer, his suppose to be prize will be put on the bowl earning and earning of chocolates and gelatines (just like accumulating points). Lucky to the one who would get this full bowl!

I also put theme song for this training as well as graphical animation that keeps my audience alive and excited. "Ready or Not" is the soundtrack I'ved choose!

It such a fun training. Everyone enjoys it! Afterwards, I got a very very good evaluation for this training. c",)

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