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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Portrait

Will you able to spot me in this picture?

Well, this is our publication picture wayback in college taken last February 2005. I was thinner that time and of course looks much younger!

We look like artist in the picture having a pictorial for our movie or telenovela. Or just having our acting workshop.

It's been 4 years had pass! Before, we just like struggling students having aim to pass all our subjects or we just all aiming or say ambitioning to get the top most school awards at the end of our study. But where are we now? Now, all of us have our own work, having our own professions. Like me right now, I'm here in my office facing my flat screen PC typing this blog while listening to my favorite music!

All had been changed! All had happened in this school organization. Even the most intriguing controversies were all left in memory! But the question goes, did the wound already healed...??

My Conducted Process Review Training

After the success of my conducted training "Fusion", I was still task to conduct another one. Last March of this year, the month of my birthday, I conducted another training for my teammates. This is called "Process Review (Revisiting our very own Process)".

Well, as the title sugested, I trained my teamates or rather say, I refreshed them with the different process we always practice in our team.

Unlike my previous conducted training, hmm...this one seems to be serious, a quiet type. Well because I conducted it one hour before going home. So all my members have in their mind is to go home not to dissect the info of the training.

But then, like my previous stuff, I included graphical and animated effects on this training. Of course with a theme song! This time my theme song for this is "No Air"!

Though a serious one, all starts well and ends well! I will then conduct my other training on the other day. This time, the Repeat of Fusion for those who haven't attended yet. C",)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is my first successful Training which I conducted to my teamates. I hosted this training as well as being the resource speaker.

I introduce new techniques in training here then give them more trivias. I also put fun games in this like the "accumulation bowl" wherein I ask a trivial question, then when someone can answer it, they will win a prize, either chocolates or gelatines. But it no one can answer, his suppose to be prize will be put on the bowl earning and earning of chocolates and gelatines (just like accumulating points). Lucky to the one who would get this full bowl!

I also put theme song for this training as well as graphical animation that keeps my audience alive and excited. "Ready or Not" is the soundtrack I'ved choose!

It such a fun training. Everyone enjoys it! Afterwards, I got a very very good evaluation for this training. c",)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shop and Learn Around The Web

"Shop and Learn..."
Just two of the things that we gain while browsing the internet. We often browse the net to look for the items we want to buy, to look for the things we need. Shopping from the net in other words! Or in many cases, we surf to research, to gather information about certain things, to find an answer for the problem! But what if we combine these two?

Sometimes internet shopping gives us a little details on the things we want to own. Stores from the internet nowadays just promoted the items they want to sold. They just advertise and just convince you to buy. They just using their so-called "sales talk" magic! But as a wise-shopper, we just don't look for the product itself. We deeply search for the details of the product! We are craving for more information. Well, to answer the needs for shopping and learning at the same time, Shopwiki was designed.
Shopwiki will give their customer everything! For all the shoppers like us, this means that we can find anything and everything for sale on the web at It offers more products from more stores which gives better deals and savings for both the shoppers and readers.

At Shopwiki, its all we need! It offers a variety of items and products to look for. Accessories, arts and crafts, automotives, babies and toddlers, clothing, electronics, toys and games, pets, computer and softwares, home, health and beauty are some of the ranges of products you may search for. It offers a deep review of the products providing us more indepth knowledge of the things we want. As term suggest, its a "wiki on shopping"!

To cite a particular category on shopwiki by just typing on the search box your desired products, you may browse the Buying Guides for Wireless Routers and Access Points. What is an access point? How about router? What are the standards that cover these devices? What are their range and requirements? How can we secure our networks as we avail and install these two? Read more about these two commonly used internet devices on wireless routers. More interesting facts awaits you. More learning can give while enjoying the benefits of shopping! It such learning while having fun in shopping!

So calling all shoppaholic...go, learn, relax, and enjoy around the web! Shopwiki now supplies all our needs!

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