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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It started in September...


It Started in September....
Well, today is September 14
It's now exactly 2 years since it was started. ..way back September 14, 2005. The very start of the series. An unexpected moment that eventually turned my life upside down. A very little thing that suddently puts me on the stardom.
September 14 for me this time was just a memory to live by, a story that we could all view as a replay of the past. A series or should I say a 'fantasy series' where I play rather we play vital roles! September 14 starts the mystery and magic when cupid crossed my way unexpectedly on the hallway of our building. I still remember, I was in a hurry to catch up the last minute of our class when I spotted someone on the door of our suppose to be room wearing a 'trademark color'. A simple smile strucked my heart in an instance. But on that very moment, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say, I just pretended to be "dedma" or "patay-malisya". But I promise to myself to find that very simple smile...
Months ago, then again, destiny collided our way! In an acquintance, I find whom I looking for. Until the bird flies out! And i know whose the owner of that great smile, of that great color. Then the season 1 of the love story just started.
Time goes on and on...until the twist gets stronger! A more deep story took place involving different scenes or scenario, many persons involved (both friends and enemies, both the real and the fraud), more plots widen, many places served as the tapping venues. As a phenomenal hit gets stronger, the contract got extended. Season 1 extended up to Season 4! More battles and sacrifices took place! It really puts us on stardom! It made me a real 'Big Star'!
Just with the saying, "all things has a start and an end", the romance-fantasy series come to its final destination! March 31, 2007 marked the final episode! As it starts well, it still ends well!
September 14, 2005 was the pilot episode. It runs for about 1 year and 6 months with 'Flying Colors'! It builds the stronger version of me!
I still remember, 'it started in September'.....!

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it reminds me of my own september moments hehehe! unforgettable moments, aren't they?haha =)

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