Wednesday, April 23, 2008

As Precious As Gold

"true friends are hard to find..."

That's why i'm thankful, I have found few! Yup, true friends are really rare on this world. You could have as many friends as you can, but a few or even nothing from them are real, true, and can really really be trusted.
I have experienced having a
lot o f friends from different places, events, occasions, and organizations (since I really love meeting new people and faces!). But I can only count from my ten fingers the real ones! And I'm lucky and proud to have them.
Each of them have distinct characterictics that blends with my own personalities. Let me discuss and share whom some of them.

I treated my first bestfriend as my dad! Yup, since he alwayz guides me towards the right path. And like 'tatay', he always gives 'sermon' to me. Kaya nga lahat nang gagawin ko kinukonsulta ko sa kanya kung makabubuti ba ito or makasasama. And, ang galing nya magpangaral! Kaya nga sa 'fantaserye' namin, siya ang gumanap na 'Dakila' bilang ama ko habang ako naman si 'Aguiliuz'! And I shared with him all my secrets (the deapest ones), like a son confessing to his father!

My second bestfriend was cool, hip, and really 'bigaon'. I really like this girl since she really really make my bored world happy and jolly. Makulit, kalog, kwela, it she have it! Sabi nga nila, 'karinderya' raw ito na bukas sa lahat ng kakain! ,"0 I alwayz share with her my secret prospects and crushes, lahat ng magugustuhan ko kinukunsulta ko sa kanya! And I hear from her her approval kung papasa ba or maghahanap ulit ako ng iba! It's up to her if 'above or below sea level' ang type ko. Pero ako pa rin ang masusunod! Sabi ko nga sa kanya, you're my 'sidekick' since she kicks out my mad world!

Like my second bestfriend, the third one is also a jolly girl! I shared beautiful moments with her specially in Summer of 2005! We shared both good and bad times with her, we solved problems specially in academics together. Masayahin rin sya at ang daling patawanin. Pero 'wag ka, parang nanay sya kung magpangaral! Kaya nga minsan huli syang napagsasabihan ko ng mga sikreto, taas kasi ng 'standard' ng friend kong ito!

Ang sumunod kong close friends, pagsamahin na lang natin sila since pareho naman silang nasa malayong lugar! At parang kuya na ko ng dalawang ito, since mas bata sila sa'kin. Like being kuya ako naman ang nagtuturo at nagpapangaral sa dalawang ito. Pero, opinyon at idea pa rin nila ang hinihingi ko pagdating na sa problemang puso! Sa isang barko patungong Bacolod nagsimula ang friendship naming tatlo!
Ang ikalima, kuya rin ang turing sa'kin ng batang ito. Yup, mas bata na naman sa'kin! Kaya nga sa aming 'fantaserye' , siya naman ang gumanap na aming anak! Anak namin siya ni Alwynna since manang-manang sya sa ugali naming mga magulang nya. I alwayz guides her like his big brother and dad towards the right track. Pero, one of the most memorable and touching deeds na ginawa sa'kin ng little girl na ito eh ng mag-fasting siya just for my board exam! Naks! idol (^_^)

But long-distance friendship na ang nangyari sa'min ng huli kong trusted friend. And she's been a mother image to me rather than an adviser. We'll she's a little younger to my mom's age. And sabi nga niya sa'kin, isa na raw ako sa mga "anaks" niya! At sabi nya pa sa email, from now on, "ate" na raw ang itawag ko sa kanya at h'wag na mam! Pero hirap, di ko pa rin sya kayang tawaging ate nalang, she's one of my respected official kasi nung college and then ngayong wala na kami sa skul at na-proven na ung closenest namin later lang, hirap nang tanggalin ang 'mam' since nandun pa rin at mataas pa rin ang respect ko sa kanya! She lighted my darkest events sa buhay ko. She always given me the words of the gospel specially these times that I am weary. Kundi dahil sa kanya, napariwala na ako ngayon. Ang puso kong punong-puno ng galit, pait, sakit, paghih iganti, at kasawian, napalitan na ng lakas, tapang, at bagong pag-asa na muling bumangon at harapin ang pagsubok dahil na rin sa guidance nya, prayers, at verses. I love the verses she had sent me via email that lighten my mind after the result.
I'm not born with a golden spoon on the mouth. But I'm really lucky enough to have true friends as precious as gold or rather matingkad pa dito. It's quit missing na hindi na kami masyadong nagkikita-kita (since we already graduated, however some remains on school), but the internet, the modern day hi-tech communications will keep our hearts intact. Friendship will still lives on.
Sabi n
ga ni Hua Ze Lei kay San Cai sa Meteor Garden...ang pag-ibig raw o ang pagkakaibigan, parang saranggola 'yan na pinag-uugnay ng iisang pisi na nagbubuklod sa ating mga puso...! (^_^)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will You Catch Me If I Fall...?

Unexpected...accidental... intentional...or should I say destiny had moved the way?
You cannot predict what will going to happen or what your fate offers to you. Maybe you wish for someone to be with you, and you didn't know how that wish will be granted. But suddently, you didn't expect that the hands of fate has something to do for that wish. You didn't even know that it is 'already written in the stars' that the two of you is yet to meet. That the path for the two of you will soon to be collided!
And now that the twist was already there, and you already had the 'wish' on your hands, what will you do next to keep that grant on your hands? Day by day, the feelings get stronger and you realized that you already fallen deeply to your 'former wish'!
But the question is, it is not yet the right time for the two of you. It is not yet the time to keep or to hold on your 'grant' deeply. Deeply and deeply until you ultimately fall. You still have a priority, a goal, and ambition greater than your 'wish' that needs a much attention and more focus. What will you do if you already 'fallen'? The question now, "will you catch me if I fall..."?
It's just a brief interrude to my new soap. A series recently started in a ligher way (in contrast with my previous hit fantasy-series). Now that the 'season' have started and a place in my heart was just created deeper and deeper (?), the only thing, the only wish, and request from the bottom of my rebuilt heart and brilliance mind, was that...catch me if I fall!
Thanks for Ms. Toni Gonzaga that sings one of the rhythm of my heart now for these days, "Catch Me I'm Falling". I like to share it with you to build a new inspiration, a new new hope, and a new dreams and endeavors to all our hearts... Just like what happened to me! It now builds a new fighting spirit in a lighter way but deeply inside to come across the road...!

Catch Me I’m Falling
(Toni Gonzaga)
I don’t know why But when I look in your eyes I feel something that seem so rightYou’ve got yours I’ve got mine I think I’m loosing my mind Cause I shouldn’t feel this way Catch me I’m falling for you And I don’t know what to do How can something so wrong Feel so right all along Catch me I’m falling for you How can time be so wrong For love to come along Catch me I’m falling for you How can love let it growWhen it has no place to goAnd I can't go along pretendingThat love is in here to stayCatch me I'm falling for youIf I could just walk awayWithout you from day to dayI would die just thinkin' of youI know we can never beMore than friends you and meBut why do I feel this way?Catch me I'm fallin' for youAnd I don't know what to doHow can something so wrong Feel so right all along Catch me I’m falling for you How can time be so wrong For love to come along Catch me I’m falling for you Maybe someday I’ll see Why love did this to me Coz I can’t go along pretending That love is in here to stayCatch me I'm falling for youCatch me I'm falling for youAnd its wrong for me to feel this wayCoz I don't know what to do without youI'm falling for youCatch me I’m falling for you Catch me I’m falling for you How can something so wrong Feel so right all along Catch me I’m falling for you

It started in September...

It Started in September....
Well, today is September 14
It's now exactly 2 years since it was started. ..way back September 14, 2005. The very start of the series. An unexpected moment that eventually turned my life upside down. A very little thing that suddently puts me on the stardom.
September 14 for me this time was just a memory to live by, a story that we could all view as a replay of the past. A series or should I say a 'fantasy series' where I play rather we play vital roles! September 14 starts the mystery and magic when cupid crossed my way unexpectedly on the hallway of our building. I still remember, I was in a hurry to catch up the last minute of our class when I spotted someone on the door of our suppose to be room wearing a 'trademark color'. A simple smile strucked my heart in an instance. But on that very moment, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say, I just pretended to be "dedma" or "patay-malisya". But I promise to myself to find that very simple smile...
Months ago, then again, destiny collided our way! In an acquintance, I find whom I looking for. Until the bird flies out! And i know whose the owner of that great smile, of that great color. Then the season 1 of the love story just started.
Time goes on and on...until the twist gets stronger! A more deep story took place involving different scenes or scenario, many persons involved (both friends and enemies, both the real and the fraud), more plots widen, many places served as the tapping venues. As a phenomenal hit gets stronger, the contract got extended. Season 1 extended up to Season 4! More battles and sacrifices took place! It really puts us on stardom! It made me a real 'Big Star'!
Just with the saying, "all things has a start and an end", the romance-fantasy series come to its final destination! March 31, 2007 marked the final episode! As it starts well, it still ends well!
September 14, 2005 was the pilot episode. It runs for about 1 year and 6 months with 'Flying Colors'! It builds the stronger version of me!
I still remember, 'it started in September'.....!

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